Palisades Park, Santa Monica's Best Idea

Friends of Palisades is a community advocacy group. It was born of our delight and wonder of this fantastic urban park. Palisades Park is on a par in beauty and significance to New York's Central Park and San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. 


Our website was also born out of our anguish for the Park's environmental and the damages and abuses being inflicted. We see this abuse threatening not only the park but also the famed Palisade bluffs and thus endangering the city's geological stability. This is a critical cause for the future of the city.


Today Palisades Park needs lots of caring friends.

About the Founder

Brian Burke is the founder of Friends of Palisades Park.  He is a retired principal and has worked in education as either a counselor, teacher, or principal, for more than 35 years.

He taught middle school science on a Native American Reservation school and created a large school garden where students  learned about soil, plants, and the environment.   He purchased and reclaimed 50 acres of barren and overgrazed land in Mendocino County and, with the assistance of the Department of Agriculture transformed a barren hillside into a verdant grassland and vineyard.
Brian urges all those concerned to join him in this effort to restore Palisades Park. Let's work together to celebrate Santa Monica's best idea. Let's preserve its natural beauty, its delicate ecology, and restore its eroding soils. Let's save this wonderful park form abuse and safe it for our children, and their children as well.

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