An Athlete's Pledge

Century Plants Clinging to the Soils
Century Plants Clinging to the Soils






I understand that rainwater runoff, which cannot percolate into the soil, threatens the bluffs.


An Athlete, Who Loves to Workout in Palisades Palk, Makes a Pledge



I understand that the soils and geology of Palisades Park play a significant role in the sustainability and wellness of our city. 


I understand the Park's soils are thin and subject to erosion.


I understand that the plants we love survive in a precarious environment. 


I understand that a "tragedy of the commons" is imminent for Palisades Park and will do my personal best to lighten my footstep in the park.


I appreciate the value of healthy soils to my personal workouts (its softness and resilience) but also to the future of Palisades Park.

Health Lawn Profile in Front of City Hall
Health Lawn Profile in Front of City Hall









I pledge not to run on the Park's lawns and grasses, realizing such abuse leads to soil compaction, the death of grasses, and water runoff. 




I pledge instead to run sustainably, with a light foot, not on the grasses, but on the paths the Park provides.